Hi, my name is Cary Pogson, the working name Omni Images comes from the name of my life long business Omni Boards Australia. Starting way back around 1974 making surfboards as a hobby, venturing into making snowboards in 1986 for a few years, and in 1987 going full on into making skateboards still operating to this day though since about 2005 as an importer and wholesaler, re-branding boards and skate products for other skate brands. In 2008 partnering with a friend to start a skatepark design and construction company Sk8scapes, in 2013 designing the worlds largest skatepark in Guangzhou China.

I have been a keen photographer for many years, going back to around early 1970 when I was 9. My first memory of taking photos was with a Kodak Instamatic 126 cartridge camera that used the flash cubes. I took it on a trip our family went on to Fiji on the P&O cruise ship the Himalaya.
The next camera I purchased was a Nikonos III underwater camera in the late 70's. Being a keen surfer I wanted to get shots in the water of waves and surfing. I found it hard to get any decent shots, and being more of a surfer, I wanted to surf when the conditions were good, I found I didn't use it much and ended up selling it. I do regret that.

Still keen to take photographs I purchased a Canon A1 with a motor drive 5-6 fps in the early 80's. I started to get deeper into photography, spending many hours in camera stores talking shop. I bought every camera mag out there every week reading them from cover to cover. I set-up a tiny darkroom processing B&W film and E6 colour slide film, I even managed to do enlargements up to 16x20" of colour slides using Cibachrome paper and chemicals.

I took my Canon A1 everywhere. I worked on high rise construction in the capital cities as a Slipform Field Technician, taking many images on site. I used to take it to concerts after I bought a very "fast" Canon 135mm F2.0 lens, and also picked up a Canon 400mm F4.5. They traveled with me snowboarding to the Himalayas and the USA, then back here down the snow until the camera was stolen at the end of our snow season in 1986 along with that nice 135mm lens and the motor drive.

The theft of my gear was the end of taking photos for many years for me. Not long after that I moved down to Ulladulla N.S.W. where I still live today. We had a family on the way and business took a dive in the great skateboard hiatus through the early 90's. I had absolutly no money to buy any sort of decent camera gear, or much else for many years. I did manage to buy a Canon Snappy, that was a waterproof instamatic type of camera to get "snap shots" of the kids and the odd shot here and there.
In about 2001 I finally had some money to get a bit of gear again. Digital I thought was still not producing much quality for the very high cost of the cameras just yet, so I opted for a second hand Canon New F1 with a motor drive of course.

I ended up not using the Canon nF1 much, only taking shots of my skate team riders for the any advertising I did, film did cost a lot to buy and develop. In 2004 I decided to try going digital. I bought a tiny Canon Ixus 4, being a water guy I also purchased the water housing for it. It still cost a fair bit back then, the whole package with spare battery and card was over a grand, and still only 4 megapixel images. I did start to use it a lot, taking product shots for my web site, and starting to take more snaps shots of my travels and my two boys. Digital cameras seemed to be getting better and cheaper at the same time. In 2008 I bought a Canon G9, and yes, got the water housing also. It was a great camera, 12 meg images. I began to take many more shots with that camera. I started to learn a lot more about digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop, and bought a little printer to start printing out my shots.

I really started to get the photography bug again. I found I was encouraged with the shots I was getting, but being a perfectionist, always thinking they should or could be better, and it seemed my equipment was the weak link. My eldest son expressed an interest in taking photographs and I suggested he save up for the new Canon 5DmkII that had just hit the scene. A year or so later I had some money to finally invest in something a lot more professional. I opted for the just released Canon 1DmkIV. Not wanting to duplicate the 5DII and not wanting to get an older Canon 1DsIII. I needed the faster Fps speed for skate and surf shots so I opted for the new 1dmkIV. Since then I have managed to buy a number of nice fast "Prime" lens's to compliment 14mmF2.8L, 35mm F1.4L, 85mm F1.2L and 100mm Macro F2.8L.

More recently I have been keen to get out in the bush or down the beach or up in the high snow country taking landscape shots. I find it highly relaxing being out in nature alone. So the past few years I have been slowly gathering the camping and hiking gear I need to trek out and stay overnight to capture the evening and early mornings out there.